My Favorite Season for Photography

          Landscape photography is heavily influenced by the seasons. Each season is completely different and can influence where and how a photographer captures their images. Seasons are important and personally I love shooting in any season but for different reasons.

         Spring and Summer seem to be a favorite among many photographers, and rightfully so. The weather is beautiful and warm, spring can be really great for wildflowers, waterfalls are usually roaring with lots of water, and plants and grass are a nice vibrant green color.

         It's lovely, but there are also some drawbacks. In these months it's usually the busiest, and you'll most likely be sharing your location with other photographers and tourists as well, especially in more touristy spots. Sunrise in the summer is also typically earlier which makes it tough to wake up for. Also the weather is usually nicer which means less dramatic skies and less colorful sunrises and sunsets. But this does make for a better chance to get a clear night sky to view the stars, and the milky way will be out in full force.

         Winter is nice for photography as well. Temperatures might be freezing cold out, especially if you're out before sunrise. This can certainly make it difficult to get out of bed and go shoot, but in my experience, it's so worth it. In the winter everything just looks prettier. The skies are more cloudy and dramatic. The ice of frozen mountain lakes always makes for a good composition. And snow just adds a simplicity to a location and can amplify the colors since snow is so reflective. So if you can manage the cold alright, winter can certainly make for some seriously beautiful images.

         While the other seasons are great, fall is definitely my favorite season to shoot. I love color in landscapes and when the leaves start to change colors to a bright yellow, oranges, and even reds, it adds some great color. It might just be because I live in Colorado, which is one of the best areas for fall colors, but every fall I get super excited to go and photograph the changing of the leaves. Another reason that makes fall so exciting is that fall colors don't last very long. This forces me to go out and photograph the colors before a snow storm comes in and wipes them out.

Crystal Mill Fall Colors

          Fall is my favorite season to shoot, but what makes landscape photography so amazing, is that there are different seasons. Landscapes change so quickly and you could go to a location over and over again and still get new conditions. I've been to some places like the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado bunches of times and each time it's completely different. Not only is there an endless list of places I want to visit, there are places that I want to return to over and over as well.

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